Dr. Zobel is a highly sought-after and top-rated speaker who will bring your event to life! Jayne’s gift lies in making the audience the star of the show. She will infuse her message with humor, audience interaction, and actionable take-aways. Her programs show you how customizing the work experience creates a culture where individuals thrive, teams succeed, and the organization fulfills its mission.

Jayne will customize her message based on your event, desired focus, and audience.

Signature Keynote for Leaders and/or Teams

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in the honeymoon phase of our jobs, where work is exciting, new, and feels more like vacation? It is natural for people disengage, distance, or detach from their work role over time.  To return to that “just like paradise” state, all you need are some simple tools to engage, enjoy, and excel in your work once again.  When leaders and teams use Dr. Zobel’s self-engagement strategies, they create a Workplace Oasis™ where people want to go and perform at a high level. Maximize six factors of the work experience to inspire greatness! Take away how to:

• Intensify levels of self-engagement in purpose-driven work
• Fill the enjoyment gap to refresh and recharge their passion for work
• Foster adventure and adaptability to achieve performance excellence

Perfect for: Organization-wide events, association meetings, leadership development sessions, teambuilding events, occupational conferences

Signature Keynote for Individuals

Do you sometimes feel adrift when it comes to finding and pursuing your purpose? Have you ever disengaged from your life’s work and the meaning within it? Don’t worry or beat yourself up—those feelings are perfectly natural in the ebb and flow of life! Dr. Zobel will show you how to create an oasis of personal fulfillment by using her self-engagement strategies. When you plug back in to using your gifts, you will enjoy and excel at living an energized life. Maximize six factors in your life’s work to create that “just like paradise” state! Take away how to:

• Stop drifting and start mastering the meaning and purpose of your life’s work
• Develop, protect, and share your gifts to build connections and achieve greatness
• Reignite passion for your calling by welcoming freshness and flexibility to your life

Perfect for: Women’s conferences, direct sales conferences, entrepreneurial groups, public seminars

Breakouts & Workshops


Master message sending and receiving techniques to build trust and teamwork.






Unlearn bad habits so you can interpret messages with better accuracy.





Recognize people in unexpected ways to create a culture of praise.





Resolve differences in a way that preserves and strengthens relationships.