You know the goal of Workplace Oasis is to put some vacation into your vocation, right? Well, why not take us literally and get the heck out of the office! It is sometimes difficult to focus on team development when everyone is caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily work life.  The answer? Talk to Jayne about booking the ultimate team retreat!

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The Oasis Expedition is a team experience you won’t soon forget. Think of it as a vacation that lasts. We can set you up in a beautiful, all-inclusive Mexican resort, OR you can certainly choose your own destination. Stay close to home or go far away; the goal is to get offsite! During the Expedition, you can expect to do some soul searching as to what factors will increase your joy on the job and what actions it will take to make real change. We will do a “deep dive” into the Four Freedoms to analyze gaps in your enjoyment and engagement levels. The team will then strategize as to what they can do right away when they get home to bring back the joy that they found! Oh, and you can also expect to have a lot of fun. Contact Jayne to discuss retreat length, location, format, and other customizable options. Why wouldn’t ya?