Sunday Night Dread?

Research shows Sunday nights are the least restful for many Americans. Could it be that we have the upcoming work week on our minds? Likely, the answer is yes. Certainly this problem will be intensified if we are not particularly fond of what we do or where we work. Then we could fall victim to what I like to call Sunday Night Dread: that overwhelming feeling that, tomorrow, you have to GO BACK TO WORK. But what can you do about SND? The answer is to first search out and identify what is REALLY wrong with your situation. Is it your boss, your coworkers, the culture, the work itself? Then, what is it exactly about the people, processes, or place that is not fitting for you? Once you figure that out, you can take the appropriate action, be it big or small. When I was in sales it became clear to me that my VALUES did not align with the management’s values. The whole culture was wrong for me, and it became clear that I needed to make a big change: I had to quit. However, in a different job I was given a major “side job” that was dragging me down. It was what I like to call a “spirit killer” because it was seriously wrecking my mojo! I brought the issue to my boss, because I figured I wasn’t doing anybody any good by simply maintaining the status quo. I was not even close to innovating, growing, or improving in that role. Luckily, my boss appreciated my candor and agreed that I should step back out of that task.  It was a small change, but guess what? He replaced me with someone who had a lot of enthusiasm for the job, and excelled in the process! It was a win-win. Best of all I was sleeping better on Sunday nights. So, if you are experiencing SND, take action, rest easy, and your Mondays will be a whole lot better.