Ready to dig a little deeper and learn a little more? Partner with Jayne to facilitate a dynamic, interactive workshop in the form of a training session onsite or a breakout session at a conference.  Workshops are completely customizable to your needs. For example, we will work together to choose your level of focus for the workshop: self leadership, team leadership, or organizational leadership. Program length is adjustable from one hour for breakout sessions, to half or full days for training sessions. After learning objectives are discussed and tailored as needed, Jayne will give you a detailed workshop proposal for your consideration.

The Vacation Equation Workshops

In a workshop format, each of the Four Freedoms in Dr. Morgan’s model serve as customizable, combinable learning modules. You can emphasize one, some, or all of the modules in building your very own Workplace Oasis™! Below is a brief description of each module. If you want to cover all four factors in a single program, then a workshop version of one of the KEYNOTES will be delivered.

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scuba mask buttonFocus on the Fish! Do More Work that Matters

When people go snorkeling, they do so in a crystal clear bay as opposed to a murky, muddy swamp. Why? It’s a lot easier to see the fish! In this module/session, we will take a hard look at day-do-day procedures, processes, reports, and rituals, to determine where and how streamlining can take place. The goal is to rid individuals and teams of unnecessary or outdated “work trash” that gets in the way of accomplishing the core mission of your business. Put on your mask and see priorities with clarity!

surfboard buttonFresh Waves, Dude! Surf into Something New

Maybe you don’t speak the language of a surfer, but you can totally be adventurous like one! Totally. On the job, we are often in need of novelty: something exciting and new that will amp up our enthusiasm again. When enthusiasm is high, so is our ability to innovate. In this session/module we will share ideas for changing up the scenery, from role or responsibility changes, to new projects or programs to undertake. Ride the wave of excitement and find yourself in a fresh and creative place!

flip flop buttonFlexible like Flip-Flops: Bend the Work Your Way

Wearing flip-flops puts you in a better mood instantly. Why? The soles are bendy and the toes have room to move! Flexibility in the workplace gives us the same boost of energy. When we have the wiggle room to manage how we approach and accomplish work, we feel relaxed and refreshed, better able to focus on the job.  In this session/module, we will brainstorm all the different ways flexibility can be made a part of your day, from little tweaks to big changes.  Put on your flip-flops and feel the freedom!

beach ball buttonFun in the Sun: Brilliant Ways to Shine at Work

When people go on vacation, they often seek out sunny places. Why? Because the brightness makes them feel happy and energized. Likewise, when people consistently use their talents and strengths in new and creative ways, they not only shine on the job, they have a lot of fun doing it! People who can use the gifts they were hired to use will intensify their interest in the work, and therefore engage more fully in striving for excellence. In this session/module we will share imaginative techniques for using our skill sets and abilities to their fullest potential. Use the sun factor to crank up the fun factor!

The Communication Equation Workshops

If you have needs in your learning curriculum connected to interpersonal relationships at work, please seek Jayne out for a consultation. She has over 15 years of training experience, and a large catalog of courses to go with it! Dr. Morgan can provide professional and leadership development training across a range of communication topics centered on Influence (Powerful Communication, Inspiring Accountability, Motivating Teams); Accuracy (Effective Communication, Listening); and Understanding (Managing Conflict, Opening Dialogue).  Let’s talk!